About us 


Tesla Electrical Services Ltd. was founded by Nathan Howson and Luke Egleton, their vision was to grow and develop an electrical firm working out of the heart of Essex to provide a proficient and professional service that surpasses any other.  
Reputation is key to everything that we work for; relying on our impeccable reputation, strong work ethics and well renowned for having a clear understanding of what our clients want and need - we never fail to fulfil the highest level of expectation.


The company's goals are simple, to be...


  • over performing consistently each year in increasing measures.

  • reliable by fulfilling any specification given to us.

  • professional in appearance and manner.

  • competitive in price and able to conform to a budget.

  • flexible in work styles to allow us to adapt to any environment.

  • safe in our working practices.


We have handpicked our operatives from a varied range of backgrounds, from property maintenance to industrial scale works, such as on the British railway system.  For a more in-depth list of works that we undertake please visit 'Our Services' page.