Health & Safety

At Tesla Electrical Services Ltd. the health and safety of its employees, clients and for members of the public around our work locations is an absolute top priority.  It is a must for all of our employees to comply with our health and safety policy and safe working procedures.


To ensure that our health and safety policies and procedures are followed we have implemented the following commitments into our work ethic:





Our primary principle is not only protecting our employees, but also those influenced by our actions, ranging from our clients to general members of the public local to any operations we are carrying out by working in a safe environment. Risks are avoided where possible and we strictly manage any situations where it is deemed un-avoidable.


Before we even start assessing risks specific to a work site we control all plant, equipment and tools with a rigorous inspection (PAT testing is included regarding any power tools) confirming that they are all well maintained and in perfect working order for use.


It is ensured that all employees have the required tools, equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE) and relevant information (including training where required).




An important factor in our health and safety includes the provision of support to our staff and subcontractors by means of delegating of tasks within their individual skill sets.  The tasks are divided up using their levels of responsibility and knowledge which are closely reviewed and monitored regularly; this helps raise performance and efficiency levels whilst maintaining safe working procedures as staff and subcontractors are not expected to do anything that they are not comfortable doing without further guidance and assistance.  Clear procedures are in place to allow clear communication from employee to management regarding any health and safety concerns.


'Don't know, just ask' is another concept we strongly encourage.  This allows our employees to not only expand their knowledge and capabilities but to also prevent any risks being taken that are out of control of the individual.


Each of our operatives have obtained a recognised health and safety certificate to demonstrate that they are competent and educated with what is (not) safe for them to do.  The certifications that we primarily use are both the ECS (electrical contractors scheme) and CSCS (construction skills certification scheme).





We are firm believers of a 'zero tolerance' rule where any individuals that refuse to comply with our health and safety policy, risk assessments and method statements are instantly removed from site.  This allows us to ensure that safe working practices are always carried out and ultimately we are protecting everyone from avoidable risks.


Each employee at the start of their time with us is provided with all of our health and safety documents which they are instructed to read, comprehend (clarification is given if needed) and sign which is then kept on record.  We maintain a list of employees and subcontractors alongside their signatures on our health and safety register (countersigned by the company’s Directors and Health and Safety Management Team).  If any alterations and additions are made to our policy, then these are re-issued to all operatives.


Training is provided wherever deemed necessary by our risk assessment/method statement.  A training schedule is kept to make sure that refresher courses needed to keep our operatives up to date are scheduled in advance.


Our policies are written in accordance and compliance with all relevant and current regulations and legislation such as the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974.