Environment & Sustainability

In this day and age, concerns for the environment are ever growing.  Which is why, here at Tesla Electrical Services Ltd, we believe it is important that we contribute to reducing environmental damage.


At each of our work sites we make a clear point of recycling all waste possible, minimise wastage of materials, keep pollution levels to a minimal and have detailed procedures in place for the removal of any materials from site that are not suitable for general disposal/recycling.


For example, we dispose of fluorescent tubes using a specialist contractor and likewise for anything else covered by COSHH. We are able to organise asbestos removal in-line with any projects that we are involved in.


Eager to reduce the impact of our presence we ensure work sites are kept clean and tidy.  Dust extraction units, air filters etc. are all used where it is deemed appropriate.


Our wholesalers are also prioritised, taking into account their environmental compliance standards.  And all projects are managed in accordance with all legislation specific to waste disposal and management.