Emergency Lighting 

Emergency lighting is a legal requirement.  We know all of the specifications in accordance with the most up to date legislation and regulations allowing us to advise you and complete installations to fulfil all of these obligations.  Our in-house electrical engineer is qualified as an ICEL Competent Engineer through the ICEL foundation course so that we are able to provide you with a comprehensive service allowing for us to give you the expert advice and technical support that you need.


It is a legal requirement for all public buildings and work places/environments to have a fully compliant and working emergency lighting system in place that is regularly maintained and tested.  We able to offer contracts or one off visits to your workplace etc. to carry out inspections, carry out maintenance and perform the various testing procedures for you - just get in touch to arrange a visit.  


From carrying out a survey we will be able to tell you if you are meeting the currently regulations and if not, what we can do for you to bring you up to date and future proof your environment.


There are a few options to provide backup power to emergency lights, these vary from internal batteries to an integrated central battery backup supply powered by a UPS system.  We would be happy to arrange a site survey to discuss what option is best for you.