Energy Efficiency 

Encouraging energy efficiency is a benefit not only to the environment but also to your bank balance. By letting us work alongside you to design and implement a cost efficient plan to decrease your environments energy consumption.  We can offer and execute a tailored package from domestic dwellings to an industrial scale to suit your environment to help reduce any excessive consumption of electricity.


The first place you can look to make a huge saving is through the implementation of an LED lighting plan.  This can cover a wide range of items including desk lamps, general lighting and emergency lighting.  We are able to provide consultancy appointments and surveys to help you decide what is the best option for you.  It is not normally a complex task to upgrade lights to LED so we are able to complete installs whilst causing minimal disruption.


Our typical LED installations include upgrades to:


  • LED recessed panels (600 x 600 and 1200 x 600)

  • LED downlights and spotlights (either changing the internal components to accommodate an LED light source or changing the luminaire for an LED equivalent)

  • LED strip lighting (encased with a diffuser or discretely out of sight in recesses)

  • LED flood lights

  • LED replacements for halogen, tungsten and filament bulbs


Another option is for us to work out if the lighting plan that you currently have is in a layout that efficiently works with the layout of any room.  It is important to remember that there are requirements to be upheld regarding lux (the unit we use to measure the brightness of a light) levels on different surfaces (desks, kitchens or fire escapes, etc.) so we have to consider each environment differently depending on its function and layout.




It is possible for us to integrate into your current installation or into any projects we do sensors for the lights.  The sensors can perform a variety of functions.  One useful function is presence detection; this is achieved typically through either infrared or microwave sensors.  Presence detection allows the lights to only be switched on when the area in question is being used.  Another sensor type that we can integrate into the system contains a lux level meter to allow for dimmable lights to be adjusted to the brightness of the room.  This is most commonly found in offices with a good source of natural light, even though the lights may be switched on for a long period of time, they are dimmed to work with the natural light level of the room to bring the lux up to a pre-defined level.