Maintenance covers a wide range of sectors.  We provide both planned and reactive maintenance services, Tesla Electrical Services is able to arrange tailored contracts enabling a cost effective scheme with no hidden costs to keep your system up and running with as little disruption as possible.



Lighting Maintenance 


Our planned maintenance services can cover electrical testing (including emergency light test), bulk re-lamping and energy audits to ensure you have the best lighting solution for your business whilst reducing as much as possible the energy consumption of the lighting.


As part of our planned lighting maintenance, we will look closely at the whole lighting system to see if any aspect of it can be improved to reduce the running costs, reduce reactive call out rates or to see if design changes are required to increase staff comfort, product sales, reduce energy consumption or reduce health and safety incidents.


LED upgrades are able to be worked into our contracts too, allowing you to manage a program of works that results in a whole or partial system upgrade to LED.

Call Outs

We provide both emergency and standard call outs.  The primary objective of any emergency call out that we attend, is to make safe any faults that are occurring in order to protect those in the environment of the fault and to prevent the situation from worsening; this minimises any costs of repairs that are deemed to be necessary.

By utilising our normal call out service we are able to offer a cost effective means of completing minor works such as changing a light fitting or replacing a socket etc.  We are able to incorporate fixed cost call outs for our clients and reduced or free call outs when entering into a maintenance contract tailored to your needs.

Planned Preventive Maintenance

After carrying out a survey of a location we are able to devise a planned preventive maintenance contract that allows us to routinely update/upgrade/maintain and repair any installation.  The intention of doing this is to make sure that your entire installation is periodically checked for underlying faults and old accessories, such as light fittings, are all replaced when they are near the end of their life span i.e. before they breakdown and cause disruption.  The repairs and replacements can all be organised into a schedule that allows for minimal disruption including the possibility of ‘out of hours’ work.  This work can also include the changing of batteries in emergency light fittings and the general cleaning of luminaires.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

It is a legal requirement that PAT testing is carried out in any place where appliances are accessible to members of the public. This scope encompasses not only public spaces and work places but also rented properties.  Depending on the environment and type of equipment the period of time between tests varies from weekly to every two years.  With a brief detail of information incorporating quantities, types of appliances and environments/locations we are able to put together a competitive quotation.